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Mixotopia is the premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality mixtures of epoxy resins. Our products have been carefully formulated to provide the highest level of quality at affordable prices. We work hard to bring you the best epoxy resins, the best sanding sealers, and the best fillers. Our resins are completely solvent-free, batch-tested for quality, and ready to make the next big thing.

Mixtopia was established in a place where a channel of light was needed. Our epoxy resins are the industry standard for unsurpassed durability. We always use the highest-quality raw materials and our products are formulated by professionals who know what you need for your specific project. Now you can master the art of creating a lasting bond that is virtually unbreakable!

Our Story

Kevin and Sam founded Mixotopia to produce the highest quality, most durable epoxy resin available. Stemming from a scientific engineering background and an entrepreneurial spirit, Kevin and Sam joined forces to develop their own proprietary blend of epoxy resin. Using their combined knowledge of science and business, they set out to form a company that would develop one of the strongest epoxy resin on the market.

Our resins are designed for performance, durability, and ease of use


Mixtopia provides the most comprehensive selection of epoxy products in the industry, so you never have to compromise creativity for quality.

We make the perfect epoxy resin for your custom project. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor setting, our low viscosity epoxy resin will ensure that your project stays structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Mixotopia helps you solve your craft and art projects. Our epoxy resin enables you to create mosaics, beads, murals, and more.

Epoxy Resins for the Artist in you

Mixtopia is in the business of art and making dreams a reality. One project at a time, we’re bringing to life anything possible. We manufacture and distribute epoxy resins across the world to artists, builders, hobbyists, and anyone who appreciates the highest quality in their products. With Mixtopia epoxy resins, artists can apply adhesives that allow them to build a masterpiece for their next big event. Our products can be used to create sculptures, signs, and a variety of fun designs.

You can buy with confidence.

At Mixotopia we are constantly searching for innovative materials that go beyond epoxy resins- we're a service provider with a solid commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

We make resins that are designed for anyone looking to achieve extraordinary feats. Let us help you defy the impossible and create things unimaginable.